Contemplative Motherhood Podcast

Trailer for Season 2

March 14, 2022 Erin Thomas & Chelsea Whipple Season 2 Episode 0
Contemplative Motherhood Podcast
Trailer for Season 2
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We are back! Listen for a preview of our second season of the Contemplative Motherhood Podcast. Episode 1 drops on March 28, 2022.

Erin Thomas  0:02  
Profoundly spiritual mother and Amma of her own generation Maya Angelou once said, There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. We believe this to be true. Stories have transformative spiritual influence. Our own models of contemplative lifestyle have come directly from the stories of others who have led this life. Yet we find where are the stories of contemplative mothers?

Chelsea Whipple  0:32  
Thus, we will be honoring the spiritual mothers who have gone before us, live in the midst of us in season two of the contemplative motherhood podcast. This season, we will open our minds and hearts to be present in this space with the spiritual mothers, or ammas, as we call them, who inspire us for various reasons.

Erin Thomas  0:54  
We will sit down with our heads and hearts together with our tea mugs in our hands, we will hear stories of ammas who are actively leading spiritual seekers in the direction of the contemplative motherhood way in one form or another. But mostly they are doing this through intentionally embracing the beauty that is the chaos of motherhood and the connective spirit of the divine in our lives.

Chelsea Whipple  1:23  
So as we settle down into the mysterious and gray areas of a contemplative motherhood and our current modern day culture, let's do what we do best? Let us not be focused on the answers we can find in the stories of others, but rather let us open the door for infinitely more inspiring questions and see more of this present and sacred life.

Erin Thomas  1:47  
Join us on season two of the contemplative motherhood podcast premiering March 28 on all major podcast platforms, be sure to check out our website to sign up for our newsletter and to be alerted when a new episode drops. We will see you soon

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